Birthday card for a dear one.

This is the second card that I am making. And it is for one of my closest friends, Merlyn.

I used Sketch 146 from the card patterns blog, as the skeleton for this card. Since I am new to this, I pretty much stuck to the sketch provided.

Raw Materials

Card Stock – White

Color Paper – Light Yellow

Foam Sheet – Leaf Green

Artificial Rose – Light Yellow

Satin Ribbon – Leaf Green

Lace – White


1. Color along the left border of the card with a light green crayon/pencil.

2. Make polka dots on the colored stretch with a leaf green felt-tipped pen.

3. Placed a strip of white lace, along the border. Stick it to the card, carefully applying glue to the embroidered part of the lace alone, so that the glue is not visible to the naked eye.

4. Cut out a ]-shaped piece from the yellow colored paper. Make sure you trace the edges of the lace so that the lace and the colored paper don’t overlap when you stick the paper onto the card.

5. Draw borders on the edges of the colored paper, and then stick it onto the card.

6. Place the satin ribbon and the artificial rose in such a manner that the rose covers the left end of the ribbon. Apply craft glue, and stick it onto the card.

7. Cut two circular pieces out of the yellow colored paper. Stick them together so that the cut-out is thick. Cut along the edge of the circle with desired craft scissors.

8. Border the circular cut-out with a leaf green felt-tipped pen.

9. Write the desired text inside the cut-out using green glitter gel. Here I have used Heartbreaker font. Make sure that you give some time for the gel to dry. Now stick the circular cut-out on the card, with the help of two-way tapes that give it a 3D effect.

10. Using a small heart punch cut out desired number of hearts from the green foam sheet. Paste them along the edge of the card using craft glue.

11. Fill in the empty white space, with any other text you would like to add. Make sure to use the same font in the cut-out and use colors in line with the colour scheme of the card.

There you have it, my very first proper card. I know my first one wasn’t my best!

I hope that Merlyn will find this card as good as the ones that she makes 🙂

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