Stamps and Ants

I have this crazy stupid routine of checking on my craft supplies cupboard everyday before I go to bed. It is like I half expect them to magically double or triple(more like praying that my mom doesn’t throw my stuff out because it’s using up space)

So, yesterday before going to bed I opened the little cupboard, and all hell broke loose. There were ants, ants and more ants. They’d made a long winding track to the corner of the bottom shelf, where I store my adhesives and clear stamps! I was expecting them to run into the big box of fevicol, assuming they would like it better.

But, no they weren’t the least bit interested in the fevicol bottle. They were more interested in the clear stamps. I was so repulsed at the thought of them eating up my stamps that were stored in a zip-lock bag(Too bad I did not close it completely).

As I examined the whole lot of stamps, I found that they were interested only in the Acrylic Stamps and not the Photo-polymer Stamps(Although a few of them had a couple of stray ants). Also, there were more ants in the unused Inkadinkado Stamp sets rather than the used ones.

I was grossed out, and simply wanted to throw the four stamps sets into the dustbin. But then, I did not want to let go of the ants easily. I took all the four stamp sets to the bathroom. Filled up a bucket full of water and just dropped them into it. I really did not want to touch them, but touch them I did. I cleaned all the four stamps and scraped off every single ant. I put the stamps away to dry and flushed down the water laden with the ants.

Not only did I have to clean the stamps, I had to clean my cupboard as well. I made sure that all my ink pads were safe, and the adhesives as well. The whole cleaning process took me around an hour 😐 I was really pissed at the ants, and Inkadinkado 😐

Later I realized I never had this problem for the past 3 months(the time when I first bought a pair of stamp sets). Only then did I realize that I stored my stamps(& other stuff) in a big Tupperware container when I had just 3 sets and very little craft stuff. Now that I have over 20 stamps I’ve moved them into a separate zip-lock bag.

Tomorrow, I am going to move all my stamps into the Tupperware container. I don’t want to deal with ants again 😐

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