A visit to Color Conceptions

I visited Priya’s(Priya Sivaraj from Color Conceptions) home this weekend and I felt like a kid in the candy shop. I had to exercise so much self-control to not go berserk over her supplies.

I had done some extensive research over the past few days, and the die I wanted desperately was available at the cheapest rate with her. So I mailed her regarding that, and she’d replied saying I could drop by that evening.

After getting lost in the city I’ve lived for the past 26 years, I reached her home(more like she picked me up from where I got stuck – Thank you Priya).

As I said, I reached her home and the first thing you notice is huge racks full of craft supplies! She offered me a vanilla cake that she had made, and I took a bite out of it. It was yummy, but I did not want to gorge, so I kept it to a couple of bites.

Then we got down to business, she got me the die I had asked for, and then the embossing kit for making handmade flowers. These are the only two things that I really needed to buy. But then I saw her distress inks, and I realized that I was a couple short – a good yellow and green.

Since the sale on the distress ink pads at Crafters Corner is over, Priya has the cheapest rate on Distress Inks by a huge margin(her 275 to others’ 325)! Imagine what that would do your wallet when you purchase, say 10 distress inks – a whopping 500 bucks! So, I went ahead and grabbed mustard seed and peeled paint.

Then, I asked whether she had more dies. And she brought down a big box full of dies. She has all sorts of Flower dies, Cute sayings, and so many others. Also, the totally swoon-worthy Nellie Snellen Beaded Hearts die is back in stock. She has so many pieces of it, so there is one for each one of you 🙂 And she retails it just for 800 rupees. I was so tempted to buy it, so I kept it aside before making my final purchase.

She also has the lowest rates on embossing powders. The Hampton arts embossing powder is just as good as the Ranger ones, but they are 0.5 ounce containers and that is why they come at a lesser price. She also has… Washi Tapes!!

We spent quite some time talking, and I learnt a lot from her, including color schemes, and fancy folds.

I also grabbed a few more things, namely – An A6 acrylic block(Rs.160), 3 packs of self-adhesive multicolored rhinestones and white pearls(Rs.50 each), and 10 sheets of white A4 cardstock(Rs.75).

The thing to note about Priya’s Store is that even though she has her supplies listed in a blog, rather than a website(ahem.. ahem..perhaps in the future.. I’m not hinting :P) she has the means, the storage space, and more importantly diverse craft stuff to qualify her as one of the main craft supply retailers in India. Believe me, I did not realize that before I visited her home.

Also, she has the cheapest rates on most supplies, especially the imported ones. Before you make a purchase, don’t just visit her blog, and assume she doesn’t have the item in stock. Because, understandably, updating a blog when you have so many(really many!) supplies is really a tedious job. So, not always does her blog reflect what she really has in store. So drop her a mail, before you splurge on stuff.

She can also get you particular stuff on request. But give her 2 weeks as turnover time.

Am I vouching for her store? Definitely!

I really would have splurged more at her place, but keeping my wedding expenses in mind, I left the Nellie Snellen die with a very very heavy heart. Perhaps next month 😉



Priya has opened her very own online store! Yay!! Now, shopping at “The Craft Shop” becomes much more easier 🙂

3 thoughts on “A visit to Color Conceptions

  1. Priya says:

    ha…ha.. u had this experience too!! Yes ants seem to like Inkadinkado, Fiskars unused stamps.. They try to eat up and you can see small white powders in the pack.. They boast a big brand name.. but their stamp quality is really cheap.. not necessary to move to tupperware.. Must keep them locked in airtight box,cover, till u use them

  2. Priya says:

    Vithya!! How did I miss a chance to read this post!! I believe no one could vouch for me better than this!!! And thanks a lot!! It feels so good to read such a review about my store!!

    • Vithya says:

      You’re welcome. Its the truth, so you don’t have to thank me,really 😉

      Just hope that somebody finds this post useful and drops by your store 🙂

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