Papercrafting for Beginners


[All numbers mentioned here are in rupees. So $1 = 60 rupees. Thank you Jessica for pointing it out. So my yearly minimum budget is $160 dollars :D]

So many of my friends want to get into to papercrafting, and the first thing I tell them is, “Paper Crafting is an addictive and expensive hobby!” It is true. What you might see, as just a few bits of paper is not just that much. There is so much to it.

Don’t get scared. Paper-crafting is not an complicate hobby. Anyone can paper craft!! It does not require “super talent”. You just need to relax, and have fun 😉

Firstly, you should try a few styles of paper-crafting and then choose one. Here are the styles of paper-crafting (according to me)

1. Clean and Simple

2. Shabby Chic & Vintage

3. Classic

Most of us start out classic, and then find our true love 😉

Before I list out the basic supplies you will need, a quiet word. “No, you can’t do die-cutting and stamping within the first few weeks and achieve stunning results without a budget of 10000.” There. I said it. Even though I was cringing as I typed out the big number. A warning before you proceed. It will just not stop with 10000.

For you to get an idea. Here’s what I spend : 1K per month. And that’s a minimum 😛 Sometimes during special occasions or when I’ve saved up some extra cash – I splurge. I never touch the monthly budget I allot for home needs. Everything comes out of my shopping/outside eating budget. So, yes I have reduced eating out like a 90%.  I have reduced waving for the auto like a 100% 😛 I walk or take the bus, or even better ring up my husband to come pick me up when I am too tired 😀 Try it, you will be amazed at the amount of money these auto-rickshaw people rip from us.

I have been actively crafting for around 8 months, and passively crafting for more than 3 years 😀 So, I’ve hoarded a lot of supplies without my parents noticing it 😉

So, here is a basic list of supplies to start paper crafting.

1. White Cardstock – You will need atleast 10 of it.

2. Assorted Color Cardstock – A set of 10 or 20.

3. A pattern paper pack – It will cost you starting from 360 upwards. Yes, you will get a very small pack of 6X6 inch pack of 48 one-sided papers.

4. A Craft Mat – Will cost around 300 for a small sized one. Yes you need it.

5. A Craft Knife – A 20 rupee knife is what I have, and it works fine till now

6. Two pairs of scissors – One for cutting paper, and another for everything else. Again 50 rupees Chinese scissors will do.

7. Ribbon/Lace – Start out with Satin Ribbon and Normal thread store lace. Don’t buy in bulk. Go to a fancy store and buy a yard of the color you need right now. Don’t hoard. I have rolls of ribbon untouched.

8. Sentiment Stickers – Will cost 125-200. If you can’t afford stamps in the beginning go for this option. Unless your handwriting is cute, hand-written sentiments really spoil the entire card. Computer generated sentiments are a good alternative for this.

9. A White Pearl Sticker Sheet

10. A good glue – it costs 20 rupees only

11. A few die-cuts – Retails for around 200 to 300.

This will come to around 1500 – 2000. So yes, your first ever handmade card will cost you a 1500 rupees. You can get a ready-made card kit for 500-700 rupees. But you can just make 5-6 cards out of it, and you will still not have the craft mat :P, knife, scissors, glue or the pearl sticker sheet 😛

Optional Items

1. A border punch – My advise is don’t buy the cheap ones. Wait for a month and buy a EK  Success/Martha Stewart or Fiskars one

2. A corner rounder – Go for SDI if you are on a budget or the We’R one if you can afford. I have the local 125 rupees one and it stinks!

That’s it. Get into classic card making. Browse a lot of blogs, and find your own style!

We’ll see about choosing supplies based on your style of crafting in the next post. (If there is any response for this post.)

Craft Stores that you will need to check out


I am not affiliated to any of them in any way. They just happen to be the stores where I shop often. Try them, you will not be disappointed.

Check my page on craft shopping for more serious information on shopping at the right places for the right stuff.

6 thoughts on “Papercrafting for Beginners

  1. Deepti says:

    Vithya 🙂 this a an interesting post 🙂 I loved reading it and yes I agree, we do save in other ways to spend on craft supplies. I do that too 😉 My usual statement to my husband “instead of buying this for me… why don’t you buy me some craft supplies ” 😉 and trust me it gives me immense pleasure to enter a craft store 🙂 and Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and leaving kind comments 🙂

    • Vithya says:

      Hehehe.. I tell that to my husband too 😀 Infact I give him links to my wishlist 😀

      Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Appreciate the time you’ve taken to leave a comment

  2. Bipasha says:

    Now there u rock girl !!…wish I had got this article before starting my papercrafting…would have saved some good no. of bucks!! 😥 Sob sob…Nevertheless experience is what we get after all those freaky craft shopping 😀 so its always a leaning process…really appreciate ur work .Its a really booster for the beginners…

  3. peacefulpresents says:

    At first I did not realize you were using rupees, so I thought you were quite fortunate to have $12,000 a year to spend on paper crafting! Turns out it is closer to $16. 🙂 I save a lot of money by tearing images out of magazines and cutting them up instead of buying paper books. There are many beautiful pictures. I have categorized them by color, type, or topic and now have thousands of pages after years of saving. And it saves those papers from the recycler or landfill also.

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