I do not know where to sound off about this. Sharing this in Facebook did not seem right. So, I am choosing this to share it in my own personal space.

When I was really new to card-making I made a couple of impulsive purchases, and later realized I could have bought the same item for almost 50% percent less from another local seller. Imagine the frustration that I would have felt?

I used to scour the internet for hours before I made a purchase online. But that was long back. When I was so damn afraid that I’d be ripped off. That is when I started to do online research. I found places that I never knew before. Believe me. At one point I maintained an excel worksheet comparing prices of basic craft supplies(including distress inks/stamps/the big shot/dies/paper pads) between various sellers. I bought a lot of stuff based on my research and a few other helpful souls(Dr.Sonia). Imagine being a seller for a customer like me? A nightmare, right? I feel really ridiculous about the excel sheet now. But to be honest, I can say I saved more than 10K in a year by doing that research. I got my Big Shot for 4300 rupees. That should give you as estimate how much I saved.

In the next year or so I purchased a lot. I got acquainted with few of the sellers. A couple of them even gave me friendly advice that I cherish to this day 🙂 I had some really nice experiences shopping. I even got a wedding gift from one of them 🙂 Believe me, knowing the face behind the operation does a ton of changes to how you think. I realized stuff that I could never comprehend before, including fluctuating dollar prices, upfront investment, long waiting time for returns, keeping up with trends, and finally selling the cheapest. I realized how difficult it is to procure stuff at wholesale rates, then pay taxes, and then sell it to us at a profit. Nobody is running a charity.

Knowing all this did slightly change my perspective of it all. I no longer scour the internet for hours to buy a single product. Rather I go to a couple my favourite craft stores, and simply buy. Why? Firstly, I feel loyal to them. Secondly I trust that them. I trust that the item being sold to me is at a nominal profit even if it may be a little bit pricier that the next seller 🙂 I am truly appreciative of the people who take real pains to get stuff for us from faraway land, despite us being such a difficult customer to cater to. Thank you people!

Okay, I am done with the rosy part. Unfortunately not everything is rosy. Off late, I am seeing a lot of stuff happening online about which I have opinions but I am scared to sound off. Why?

Mob mentality – I feel there are a couple of people who feel the urge to gang up on anyone who suggests any other craft store(local or international)! Once, I feel I’ve been victimized for trying to share information with people. I am not one who easily backs down, but at that point I felt like. “OMG! I am not even doing this for any benefit of my own. Why should I deal with such jerks?” So, I simply backed down. I don’t want in any kind of form to deal with those people again. I really don’t want to be ganged upon for having an opinion.

Then there is the pricing issue. It is really sad to see people ripping people off. I don’t imagine that it will sit well with the seller, if I pointed it out in the forum. So, for the few who visit my blog I would like share this information. What you choose to do with it, is up to you.

I agree some are clever enough to source products from where they are choosing to do from. I feel a 35%-50% profit is game for any business, but freaking 100% is not (and that too in the destash forum)! I would have kept my bloody mouth shut, if I hadn’t seen this happening again and again to unsuspecting people.

I am not talking about the branded stuff(Hero Arts, Distress Line, Lindy’s, Martha Stewart, or ay other renowned items for that matter. We all know, about how much they already cost and that our sellers need to pay for shipping, and taxes before profit) I am talking about the cheap Chinese stuff.

When you are about to buy something unbranded, like say Washi Tape, Paper pads of unknown companies, Ink pads of unknown companies, trinkets, buttons. Do yourself a favour and search for the item at

Again, I ask you to please factor in the customs duty the seller might have had to pay.
Then you decide, whether you should go forward with your purchase or not. If its reasonable for you, then 🙂

There, I got it off my chest. I’m sorry if I sound like a brat. Unfortunately, I am one (at times)

3 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Swathi says:

    Hi Vithya, speaking your mind doesn’t make you a brat. Thanks a ton for the info. As far as ganging up against you goes it shows that you have been right and it pissed them off.

  2. Hussena says:

    No Vithya you didn’t sound like a brat to me rather this is definitely sound advice and something every newbie crafter should read about ..I guess starting out as a crafter and a blogger about 4 years back I do have an advantage in the sense that I had a good network of online friends who help and guided me in my Initial purchases and what’s more many of the online sellers were already casual aquatiance if not friends atleast and I have seen most of the Indian stores grow so much since those days..so ofcourse I am pretty loyal to a certain stores and in the long run I find I do get the best deal from them as opposed to if I bought it from any oversea’s store ..So there I have put in my bit as well 🙂

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