My First Blog Award

It is the first time I am receiving any sort of award for paper-crafting. I try to improve with every new card 🙂

Thank you Dharshana. I never really expected it. Given that I don’t post much on my craft blog. Thanks a ton! Perhaps this award will make me craft more often.

Here’s the logo

Now the rules of the game:

*thank the person who gave you the award
*link his/her blog to your blog
*put in your blog the logo of the award
*give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members
*put links to this blog
*inform these people that they have received this award
*write 7 facts about yourself

Ok, now for the award parts.

1. Merlyn, my bestie. She is the one who hooked me onto paper crafting and her valentine’s day project recently was mind blosing.

2. Prachi

3. Sudha Venkat

4. Berrina

5. Vidya Bharat

6. Chenbaga

7. Yamuna

7 Facts about me

1. I deeply appreciate what my parents have done for me, even though I might be bratty at times. I feel very fortunate to have such loving parents, and a brother who is a constant pain in the neck in a good way. Glad to have them and love them to bits

2. I love reading

3. I love window-shopping

4. I love hanging out with friends.

5. I love chocolate

6. I hate noisy eaters

7. I hate people who skip queues!

Thank you once again Dharshana