Craft Supplies at Sundar Stores

Yesterday was a rough day. So many awful things happened, including being shoved off the train(at halt) and into the concrete. Thankfully, I did not get hurt, and just had a sore knee.

But I did find something that I want to share with all you people. There is a store named Sundar metals in South Usman Road, T. Nagar. People who live in Chennai might know of it. For those who don’t, the shop is near Fathima Jewellers.

You can find a few craft supplies at pretty cheap rates. This is what I got myself yesterday.
A 24-pack set of Watercolor pencils for 230 rupees.
A pack of foam stickers – 1″ alphabets(2 sets in one pack) in multi-colors for 25 rupees. They also come in 2″ for 35 rupees.
2 4″X12″ magnetic sheets for 50 rupees each.

Some of the other products available:
Packs of foam stickers – multicolored – assortment of hearts, flowers and hearts – 1″ – used here and here.
Glitter Sheets with adhesive – 20 rupees each – limited colors – more stocks to come.
3D embellishements – a bit pricey
Circula wooden handles – 25 rupees each for used with your make-up sponges for inking

Hope you find the information useful.