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Craft shopping in India has improved a lot over the year. So, it is time that I update this space as well. My previous article went into painful details of where you can get the stuff you are looking for. Unfortunately it was very cluttered. I plan to rectify that problem in this page.

Firstly, the links to all the online paper crafting stores I know of. Browse through and choose wisely. Some of them have very competitive prices. Some have ridiculous prices. So, choose wisely.

Indian Online Stores Indian Online Stores International Online Stores
Itsy Bitsy Krafters Kart Simon Says Stamp
The Craft Shop/Color Conceptions A1 Craft Supply Ellen Hutson
Crafters Corner
Imaginations Online
Die Cuts and More
Bit And Pieces
Rainbow CraftyKari
Kraft Zone

I have shopped with all the places listed above except a couple of Indian Online Stores(Rainbow CraftyKari and Kraftzone).

My three most favourite Indian stores to shop are

The Craft Shop
Value for Money – 4.5
Variety – 4.5
Shipping – 5
Customer Satisfaction – 5

One of the lowest priced retailers. Trendy Stuff. Fast Shipping. Splendid Customer Service. Best place for imported stuff for people from Chennai/TN. Shipping is super cheap as it is just the actual. I highly recommend TCS.

Priya is a genuinely helpful person. She doesn’t hide stuff like I have seen people do. She goes the extra mile to procure craft supplies at wholesaler rates (while this might not come to fruition all the time, I really appreciate the effort she puts into making things affordable for us.)

Shop for: Dies/Stamps/Ink pads/Distress Line/LSG/Decoupage
Things I have bought: Double Sided Tacky Tape/Washi Tape/Stamps/Trendy Dies/Cardstock/Embossing Stuff/Distress Inks
Crafters Corner
Value for Money – 4
Variety – 4.5
Shipping – 4
Customer Satisfaction – 4

Huge Variety of imported stuff. Demos on products are top notch. Reasonably priced. On par customer service.

I’ve not personally interacted with Shalini much, but from her online presence I feel that she is a very capable businesswoman with high ethical standards. I admire the way she runs her business. I feel that she the number one among individual craft retailers in India taking into consideration product range, demo capabilty, wholesale procurement and customer service.

Shop for: Paper Stacks/Dies/Distress Line/LSG/Tools/Decoupage/Stamps
Things I have bought: Tools/HA Stamps/LSG/Paper Pads/Distressing Stuff/Adhesives/Embossing powders
Krafters Kart
Value for Money – 4.5
Variety – 4.5
Shipping – 4.5
Customer Satisfaction – 5

Promises to get anything on your wishlist for a very competitive price(nothing beats that)

Shop for: Sospeso, Preorders on an kind of stuff, Stamps
Things I buy: Stamps/Odds n Ends (I check her FB page regularly for steal deals)

There are other craft stores I shop from, but the above mentioned stores are where I would go again and again.
Itsy Bitsy solely for their prices. I do not care for their customer service. Of late, their products don’t entice me much.
The other three for all round value, utmost transperancy in all transactions and stellar customer service.

The craft stores I would shop from once in a while
1. A1 Craft Supply – I look for Indian made items and punches here, when they are on sale. Their customer service is top notch.
2. Ananda Stationery – I buy cardstock, and other chinese imported stuff from them. Since I can see and feel how the cardstock is really like its a huge plus. The way they handle their customers is good. The prices on Inkadinkado and Fiskars stamps are steep, so I won’t go there.
3. Imaginations Online – I buy distress inks mostly from him. The customer service is again top notch. Aditya is also a pioneer in the craft industry in India. He does a lot of educating the under-privileged. So, it is a cause I like to order from him now and then.

4. Simon Says Stamp – Only if they have a sale. Their shipping rates have gone up, so I can afford to buy from them only if I can save some money on discounts. The variety of products they have is inviting, and I have so many items on my wishlist.

5. PapertreyInk – They have the cheapest wafer thin dies, and cheapest cardstock of the highest quality. I also love their inks, but other people sometimes tell otherwise. I love a few of their stamps, and that’s it. I do appreciate the $10 discount they give on orders above 100.

6. Ellen Hutson – Love their customer service and super fast shipping. They have coupons every now and then, and it is a great money saver for stuff you can’t get from Indian Retailers

Regarding the other stores, I would shop from them if they have a great deal/sale/ or they have a specific item I am looking for. Don’t we all want the most bang for our buck? I can understand that they have higher prices because they procure it at higher rates. So, I don’t fault them. But, I would prefer to buy from places who can procure them for cheaper rates. Don’t we all prefer the same? So, I hope people will understand my post.

On the other hand, if I build a rapport with a craft store I tend to stick with them EVEN IF they at times have higher prices (due to fluctuating dollar rates) just because of the way they present themselves, and their customer service. At the end of the day, it is all about customer service. I tend to shop only at places I feel welcome, and given a damn about. I don’t react well to high and mighty attitudes.

I hope a few of you would find the information helpful.

All said and done, everything on this page is personal opinion. You are most welcome to disagree. You are entitled to your opinion just like I am entitle to mine. In that case, let us agree to disagree 🙂

Happy Crafting!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. A comment would make me happy :)

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